In Memory of Sr. Cecilia Tong

Sister Cecilia Tong, a member of the Handmaid community for more than fifty years, passed away on January 21, 2021 at Saint Joseph’s Manor in Huntingdon Valley, PA.  Born in Vietnam, Sister Cecilia’s journey to becoming a Handmaid was based on great faith, and as she once descibed, “miraculous”.  That miracle came in 1954, at a time when there were many bombings from the far north of Vietnam to her family’s village. Almost every night, carrying mats, blankets, and food, Sr. Cecilia’s family sought to escape the terror of the bombings and traveled through the dark to stay at the…

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LCWR Condemns Killing of George Floyd

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious strongly condemns the police-killing of another black man on the streets of our nation. Our hearts are breaking as we mourn with the family and friends of George Floyd and with all who have lost loved ones to law enforcement violence, all who live in fear, all whose dignity is threatened. The continued killing of black men and women; the constant harassment of people of color; and the denial of the rights and dignity of our African American neighbors must end now. Racism is America’s original sin. It is a virus every bit as…

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In The Middle of the Night…

During Eucharistic Adoration or Mass…                    During a prayerful presentation…                              While meditating or contemplating our peaceful grounds… The fire alarm bells begin and disrupt the peace, silence, prayer, and sleep!  Has this ever happened to you at St. Raphaela Center?  A false alarm!  The Handmaids are pleased to announce that with the help of St. Raphaela Center friends and donors and the Connelly Foundation, a new fire security system has been installed, tested and approved.  We are grateful to continue providing a safe, warm, peaceful and welcoming environment to all our guests.  Sleep well!

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