Where’s the billboard, or the shaft of light, or even the clear voice in my prayer telling me who I am and what I am supposed to do? If I have a vocation, shouldn’t it be that clear? Doesn’t God make the call unmistakable to those who are called to that kind of discipleship?

Not exactly.

But then again there was no billboard telling you what college to go to. There was no shaft of light that shone upon the title of the occupation you wanted to consider. And you probably didn’t hear God’s voice in prayer telling you about the first person you would fall in love with.

Yet there was a “something” in one of those realities for you, a way in which you were nudged, or drawn, or curious enough to know that you had to continue to explore more, or even to make a decision about a direction for your life without knowing all of the whys and hows!

God invites us deeper into relationship with Jesus Christ and with our sisters and brothers, and does so by speaking to our desires, our imagination, our hearts, our dreams and curiosities…and always within our own unique stories!

There is a vocation – a unique way of participating in God’s dream for the world – for each person, and through this vocation we live into Jesus’ desire that we have “life, and life in abundance!

If you have ever wondered about being a Sister, or wonder what you are even doing on this page, or have been giving some more serious thought the stirrings in your life about a vocation, you should continue reading. Pay attention to your own thoughts, emotions, fears, and daydreams as you do. We’ll share more about discernment, but that’s where you just might recognize how God is speaking to you!