Who are you living for?

Do you have a vocation? The answer is an overwhelming yes…we each have a special way of being and becoming in and for this world! The next question is the more difficult one, however: what is my vocation? What is it that sets my heart on fire and reaches the great needs of the world around me?

If you have ever wondered about being a Sister, or wonder what you are even doing on this page, or have been giving some more serious thought the stirrings in your life about a vocation, you should continue reading. Pay attention to your own thoughts, emotions, fears, and daydreams as you do. We’ll share more about discernment, but that’s where you just might recognize how God is speaking to you!

No pressures here; just click on the links within the sidebar menu on this page, or the pull-down “Vocation” menu at the top of any page to find the information and resources you’re probably looking for.

You wouldn’t be here if the Holy Spirit hadn’t stirred something in your heart…an openness to explore, to discern, to consider a “different” possibility. Trust that the same Spirit is with you, and just desires to help you to discover who you are most fully in Christ and how you can most fully show up in this world.

God be with you! Vaya con Díos! Chúa ở cùng bạn!

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