Globally, there are over 800 Handmaids in 23 countries. In the United States, we are an international community of 28 women living in four local communities. Click here to learn more about our Congregation around the World


God is moved by the pain of His children, and He is compassionate. We are called to enter into this compassion, becoming partners with God in the reparative transformation of reality. We work for the care and defense of life, and we unite with all those who labor for it, promoting education in solidarity, respect for human rights, justice, peace and the integrity of creation. Our educational style, the “pedagogy of the heart,” is our way of accompanying individuals in their process of personal growth. With this form of education, we strive to offer what each one needs, to combine firmness with tenderness, and to give preference to the small and the weak. Jesus is the one who repairs and gives life. Therefore, we want to offer opportunities for each person to come in contact with Him, the meaning and fullness of life. We offer Eucharistic adoration so that those who draw near to the Eucharist may experience the love of Jesus Christ and feel sent forth to build a more just and fraternal world.


“As we gaze upon the Heart of ‘Him whom they have pierced’ we see God’s Loving kindness, and so we look on the world with hope. Christ has freed us from sin and reconciled us with God. Knowing that we are members of a sinful human race and sharers in the free gift of redemption, we want to cooperate with Him, through Him and in Him to reconcile all people with one another and with God, and to strive that all creation, given to mankind for it use, may reflect God’s glory.” (Constitutions, 2)