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“Our lives must be a continual weaving of faith and generosity.” — Saint RAPHAELA MARY

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Hopefully you have received your Annual Report from the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. (If not, contact the Development Office and one will be sent to you.) Included in this publication are bits and pieces of the Handmaid ministries - some news and updates - that we want to share with you. Since its publication, some other exciting things have happened. Please go to the "Exciting Handmaid News" featured at left to read what's new.

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After all, you have your emotions, the opinions of friends & family, cultural influences, & God all competing for your attention...

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With each hand we hold to help guide the way, with each person we comfort in the midst of suffering, & with each hungry child we feed amidst despair, we strive to bring healing and wholeness all over the world.

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Our History


The rich and beautiful legacy of St. Raphaela Mary & the Handmaids lives on today through the continued works evidenced throughout our ministries in the United States…

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