We reflect on the message from the Handmaids’ recent worldwide meeting that, “There is a symphony being played throughout all of history, coming from a beating heart – the pierced Heart of the Risen Christ that reflects the yearnings and desires for fullness of life for the world.” We have been echoing that symphony as we strive to continue to provide an environment for prayerful listening, caring, and prayer through our ministries. Perhaps each of us can participate in that symphony, sharing our gifts in rhythm with the heartbeat of our Lord.

We ask you to consider the work of the Sisters and those we serve, and should you find it possible to make a gift toward that work, please know we are greatly appreciative.

I continue to hold you in my heart and in my prayers, that God will pour out blessings upon you and accompany you on your journey.

With a grateful heart,

Lyan Tri, aci

Provincial Superior

USA Province

December 2022

Lyan Tri, aci (Provincial right) with Kathy Garrett (Advisory Board Chair, left)