The Perpetual Profession of Theresa Ðặng Ngọc Uyên-Chi

Please join in celebrating Sister Theresa Ðặng Ngọc Uyên-Chi, who has made her perpetual profession to God as a Handmaid of the Sacred Heart of Jesus this past August 13th, 2016. She has embarked on a lifelong commitment, a covenant and vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience which was bred from a culmination of years of discernment, reflection, prayer, study, work, and trust. Admittedly, days and events like this happen ever so rarely. For the USA Province of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, seventeen long years had come and gone since we have celebrated the perpetual profession…

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Sr. Catherine’s Peru Reflection

We would like to share Sr. Catherine, a novice with the Handmaids, experience in Piura, Peru, this past April through July 2016. Please read her personal reflection and see her photos below… “¡Hermanita! ¡Hermanita! A tiny neighbor runs up and throws her skinny arms around my waist, looking up expectantly with a big smile. ¡Hola pequeña! ¿Cómo estás? These little greetings, peppered my dusty walk to and from school in the small neighborhood of “El Indio,” outside the northern Peruvian city of Piura- God’s joyful hospitality channeled through small children. Four Handmaids’ ministries in El Indio, share the responsibility for…

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