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Support the Handmaids

With each hand we hold to guide the way, with each person we comfort in the midst of suffering, and with each hungry child we feed amidst poverty and despair, the Handmaids strive to bring healing and wholeness all over the world.


And we’ve always counted on you…

From the very beginning, The Handmaids looked to our lay friends. Yours and other’s generosity and prayers allow us to accomplish great things, all in the name of Jesus’ Sacred Heart.

From the very beginning, our Foundress, Saint Raphaela Mary, relied on the power of prayer to sustain the ministry of the Handmaids. She once remarked…

“This is the work of Christ’s Sacred Heart, so He is obligated to give us all the help we need to fulfill it.”

Through sheer faith, hard work, and the grace of God, our ministries in the United States Province have grown exponentially. We marvel at God’s blessings. We give thanks for His grace. We praise His achievements through our work. Our resources are limited – nearly half of our work is uncompensated – but what is accomplished is a testament to His eternal glory!

Your ongoing support and prayers keep our work and mission flourishing.

You can support the Handmaids by praying with us, praying for us, telling others about our work, providing volunteer hours, offering financial support, encouraging young women to consider religious life, and in many other ways.

Thank you. We are deeply grateful to you, our friends, who have been an integral part of all we have done.