Pastoral Ministries

The Handmaid community in Miami, Florida was established in 1975 in response to an influx of Cuban refugees. Throughout the years Sisters have been engaged in many ministries according to the needs of the local church.  They continue to be involved in diocesan and parish ministries, and welcome people at their home and Chapel for retreats, prayer and adoration. The Handmaids have over a decade of cooperation with the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd.  At Camillus House, the Brothers operate a shelter for serving those living in the street, and are assisted with this effort by the Handmaids. By the grace of God and the cooperation of many, human dignity is restored among God’s “little ones,” and human brokenness is repaired and healed so that all can become who they were made to be.

Contact person: Sister Margarita Martin, acj
Address: 1615 NE 108 Street Miami, FL  33161-7426