Novena to Saint Raphaela Mary

Prayer for each day:

Saint Raphaela Mary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, you lived  as such a close friend of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Teach us to do everything in God’s presence with a large heart and peaceful, energetic outlook. Obtain for us  the graces we are asking as long as they are for God’s greater glory.   Through Jesus Christ our Lord and brother.  Amen.


FIRST DAY – Praise of God our Creator

Saint Raphaela Mary loved God’s world and all that is in it.  She said: “I am in this world as in a huge temple, a holy place. I praise You, God, and offer you all for your glory”.

PRAYER:  O God, You renew the whole earth through your Spirit and with our reverent care. Let us love this earth as Saint Raphaela Mary did and care for it with respect. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and brother.  Amen.


SECOND DAY – Being United with God and Others

Saint Raphaela Mary did her best to bring people together in understanding and team work, as close to one another as the fingers of a hand. She said: “If we act together, we shall succeed in everything we want to do, because we have Our Lord” on our side.

PRAYER:   O God, your Son Jesus asked us to be people who seek peace and unity. You sent your Holy Spirit to help us build a more united world. Let us be unifiers like Saint Raphaela Mary everywhere we turn. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and brother.  Amen.


THIRD DAY – The Will of God – God wants our Good

Saint Raphaela Mary always knew that God only wants good for the human family. God created us with love and for love.  She said: “I love the will of God so much that if they told me to choose something against God, I would just keep on going in God’s way with my eyes closed!”

PRAYER:  O God, You want all people to be saved from wrong and to be happy and at peace on our planet and in heaven. Give us generous hearts to live in the way that you have designed for us.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord and brother.  Amen.


FOURTH DAY – Concern for the Salvation of all people

Saint Raphaela Mary had a very large heart. She didn’t just think of family or friends. She often thought of the world and what it needs. She said: “Our hearts cannot be limited to any particular number but must be open to the whole world. Everyone is in the heart of our good Jesus and each one has cost Him the whole of his life’s blood.”

PRAYER: O God, we too believe with Saint Raphaela Mary that the sacrifice of love made by Jesus on the Cross must not be wasted. We want to help people to know Jesus and love him. Make us faithful to Jesus’ way of loving service and help our care to expand everywhere. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and brother.  Amen.


FIFTH DAY – ADORATION, a prayer of love and caring

Saint Raphaela Mary found special joy in visiting with God in the Blessed Sacrament. There she met the extreme goodness of Jesus alive with concern for every human being.  About her Adoration times, she said:  “I understand that this is a great prayer so pleasing to God”.

PRAYER: O God, you change bread and wine into the body and blood of your beloved Son Jesus Christ. Give us grace to always love Jesus’ Real Presence among us. For He loves to receive our participation in Mass and Adoration. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and brother.  Amen.


SIXTH DAY – TRUST, depending on God for everything


Saint Raphaela Mary started what would become a world wide enterprise, the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She needed lots of trust in God for the future of this adventure.  She said: “God knows what He is doing and I trust in Him.”

PRAYER: O God, you give us reasons to trust in you every day. Build our confidence that we might become like Saint Raphaela Mary. We can’t always see what is ahead.  Yet we are certain that You can always bring the best out of whatever happens.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord and brother.  Amen.


SEVENTH DAY – HUMILITY, living in the truth


Saint Raphaela Mary could see how great God is and that we are made by God to do our best in this life. She said: “It is good to know our talents and our limits. It makes us more able to act like ourselves. God will give others graces through us.”

PRAYER: O God, you help us to see how great you are and that we belong to you. We want to be aware of our gifts and use them well.  Then like Saint Raphaela Mary,  we can be more helpful partners with You to build our lives and those of others in peace and justice for all. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and brother.  Amen.




Saint Raphaela Mary was a good friend of our Blessed Mother Mary. She learned from her, prayed to her, relied on her help. She said: “Stay close to Mary and do not be afraid. She will see that you have whatever you need.”

PRAYER: O God,  you have given us the joy of having such a dear Mother as Mary is to us. Like Saint Raphaela Mary, we want to keep close to Mary and allow her love for her Son Jesus to guide our lives. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and brother.  Amen.


NINTH DAY –  Love of Jesus Christ


The whole life of Saint Raphaela Mary was a Yes of Love, one long FIAT for Jesus. She loved the name the church gave to her congregation, Handmaids, persons who say “FIAT, Let it happen”: this Loving Dream of God for all people and for the whole cosmos.

PRAYER: O God we are asking you that through our Friend Jesus, with Jesus, and in Him, like Saint Raphaela Mary, we may be apostles of your peace, justice, and love every day. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and brother.  Amen.









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