The Legacy of Assumpta Academy

“Look at how many children God has!”

1950s &1960s

Sr AssumptionIn Wyncote, the success of Ancillae Academy brought about a request for the Handmaids to begin a school Sr Margaret Mary Ingelsbyfor boys. With Sister Assumption Escauriaza (pictured at left) as Superior, the Handmaids undertook this mission with unbridled determination and began the conversion of the Lorimer estate’s carriage house into the new school. Sister Margaret Mary Ingelsby, the school’s principal, (pictured at right) welcomed the first group of boys to the school in 1957. Its popularity grew and by 1965, Assumpta Academy had a full complement of Handmaids and lay faculty instructing its students.

 Engaging the boys in after school activities, Assumpta Academy began team sports and fielded its first baseball team.   Sr. Dorothy Beck, (pictured below with the first class of graduates who had completed eight years of education at Assumpta Academy) became the school’s next (and last) principal serving from 1966 to 1969.  The Handmaids school and its educational mission were flourishing.  But something better was soon about to happen…   

Class of 1965

More to come…

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