The Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament was begun in Madrid, Spain in 1879, and was formally recognized by his Holiness Pope Pius XI in 1937 as an official Association of the Universal church.

mail_image_preview-2The Association has branches throughout the world, including Haverford and Wyncote, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As an Adorer, one strives towards the imitation of Jesus Christ who loves us to an extreme in the Eucharist. Adorers are drawn to prayer before Christ in order to deepen their awareness and acceptance of Jesus as Lord, bringing the world before Him.

Above all else, an Adorer endeavors to…“Live life as one prays it and to pray life as one lives it.”

Because of their close connection with Handmaids, Adorers strive to keep alive Saint Raphaela Mary’s preference for the poor, both locally and globally.

Would you like to learn more? Please contact:

Sister Lyan Tri, acj
616 Coopertown Road
Haverford, PA
(610) 642-5715


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