The Handmaid Legacy

“We must abandon ourselves totally in God’s hands.”
— Foundress, Raphaela Mary Porras


preconventrafaelaThe Handmaid legacy began with Raphaela Mary Porras, foundress of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Her passion for serving God – her FIAT – was like Mary’s, when she was chosen to be the mother of Christ. Both women trusted God completely and voiced a resounding “Yes” to His will. Today a community of over 2,000 Handmaids work towards sharing God’s gifts and embracing the vision of their foundress, to “promote an education that leads one to find God in all things.”

B and W Sr Elizabeth opening door

For more than a century, the Handmaids have been women of strength and courage, forging new paths and remaining open to the changes and challenges that the world presents. They are women of conviction and devotion to Christ and the Eucharist. They serve in the ways that they are called to serve – as educators and advocates for peace and reconciliation. And while each Handmaid has been blessed with gifts that enhance her vocation, there is one who stands out as having led the way by embracing the charism of Raphaela Mary and opening doors for the future.
Her name is Elizabeth McCoy.

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