Handmaid’s World Youth Day Ignatian Reflection


We want to share with you the Ignatian experiment being conducted by Sisters Jessica and Michelle, who are attending MAGIS in Poland. As you take time to reflect and meditate upon its message, we hope it brings you encouragement in your faith walk and in enduring life’s trials and struggles. Please remember to keep the Handmaids attending MAGIS and World Youth Day in your prayers.

The Handmaid’s World Youth Day Ignatian Reflection Experiment:

“From a renewed understanding of the spiritual tradition of “reparation”, in this experiment we will touch reverently upon the wounds and brokenness in our own lives, in our relationships with God and with others, as well as the healing for which all of creation yearns, in order to discover the greater freedom promised through love that heals and reconciles. Following the dynamic of St. Ignatius’ spiritual Exercises, we will prayerfully explore our desire to participate in the Christ’s healing and “recreation” through various activities that lead us into diverse forms of prayer, and that teach us to be creative and free in our response of love.” – Sr. Jessica Kerber & Sr. Michelle Cimaroli

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