A Sharing in the Experience of the Pilgrimage in Spain

A Sharing in the Experience of the Pilgrimage in Spain

Sister Oanh's Sharing of the Pilgrimage in Spain

pilgrimage-spainThe theme of this years World Youth Day was Planted and build up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith (Colossians 2:7).  How fitting the theme was for me, because my experience of the pilgrimage was one of retracing my root to our Foundresses Rafaela Maria and Pilar, and to Jesus Christ cheap jordans online.  As a Handmaid in formation, the pilgrimage to our Institutes first houses in the south of Spain, where I marveled at our rich history and encountered numerous Handmaids, has helped me to become more united with our Foundresses and the whole Institute family.  I now have a deeper sense of my identity as a Handmaid and a greater appreciation of our universality.

 As a religious Catholic, my experience of the World Youth Day has renewed my hope, faith, and love in God and in his Body, the Church.  It was an unforgettable experience to be among millions of young, energized faces gathered from all corners of the world into one place to express our love for the Pope and to profess our faith that is firmly rooted in Christ.  How beautiful, how alive, how diverse and yet united the Church is!!!  Moved with the grace of God I am more than ever committed to embrace the challenges of my own life and those of the Church, seeing them as  invitations to greater humility, surrendering, and trust in the Lord. – Sister Oanh Vo

Sister Michelle's Sharing of the Pilgrimage in Spain
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Our pilgrimage to Spain was such an immense gift! It was an experience that drew me closer to our foundresses as we walked where they walked and prayed where they prayed. I felt so strongly a sense of the universality of both the Handmaids and the Church. At the sight of so many people from so many different cultures joyfully united by the sense of knowing ourselves to be children of the same God, sisters and brothers in Christ, I was filled with great hope for both our Church and our world. My prayer is that all who were present carry this hope in their hearts so that it might give life as it is shared in every corner of the world. – Sister Michelle Cimaroli