Handmaids Attend World Youth Day 2011

Handmaids Attend World Youth Day 2011

WYDIn late August, the Handmaids sponsored a pilgrimage to Madrid, Spain to celebrate with over a million young people the World Youth Day 2011. Sisters Michelle Cimaroli, Uyen-Chi Dang, Joy Payton, Jessica Kerber, Oanh Vo, Theresa Vu along with 5 friends immersed themselves in this cultural experience of a lifetime cheap real jordans.

World Youth Day, is a great meeting of young people from all over the world— a celebration of faith, a human encounter of communion in Christ that was initiated by Pope John Paul II in 1985.  It is one of the primary means by which the Church proclaims the message of Christ to young people.

In addition to attending World Youth Day 2011 festivities, the group traveled to five cities in Spain over the course of 11 days: Madrid – the capital of Spain, Pedro Abad – the birthplace of Saint Raphaela Mary, Córdoba – rich in multicultural and Handmaid history, Sevilla – the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spain, and Granada – the vibrant city at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The group lived simply throughout the duration of the trip by cheap jordans visiting and staying at various Handmaid convents and schools along the way.
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“Our pilgrimage to Spain was such an immense gift! It was an experience that drew me closer to our foundresses as we walked where they walked and prayed where they prayed. I felt so strongly a sense of the universality of both the Handmaids and the Church. At the sight of so many people from so many different cultures joyfully united by the sense of knowing ourselves to be children of the same God, sisters and brothers in Christ, I was filled with great hope for both our Church and our world. My prayer is that all who were present carry this hope in their hearts so that it might give life as it is shared in every corner of the world.” – Sister Michelle Cimaroli